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Atlantis Eventos is booths design and building. Atlantis Eventos is a company with an extensive career in the communicational area. Its specialization is focused in design, advising, planification and organization of events. Atlantis Eventos is formed by a qualified team of specialists in the marketing, advertising, design in events sector that are updated with the latest information of the industry. This allows them to increase their experience, know the materials that are in the vanguard and be in contact with innovation. Among the services for events that Atlantis Eventos offers, we find: organization of event booths and projects design. The firm uses materials and techniques to reach a final product, that grabs the attention of the visitors and makes the difference. Atlantis Eventos is the first company of booth design and building in Canarias, with national and international projection. Its experience has been demonstrated in cities like Canarias, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Londres, París, Berlín, Bruselas, Milán, Lisboa, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart and Dakar.

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Atlantis Eventos a publié sur neventum des stands construits dans de nombreuses villes et pays prouvant son expérience tant dans ces villes que dans leurs salons et secteurs.

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