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Figarol is one of the leaders at the high-end of the stand and event market. We use our expertise to develop new materials to meet the needs of the decoration industry.We are a digital printing company working on very big formats and only through resellers. We have built our success on innovation, reactivity, conviviality and the importance we give to images.Figarol is the owner of the latest breakthrough in sublimation printing – the Durst Rhotex 500, capable of 5 m wide textiles in sublimation.

After building our own printer on 5metre in sublimation in 2012, Figarol acquired in 2016 the printer developed by Durst in close collaboration. This technology makes it possible to sublimation print large spreads in one run without the need for joins, producing a truly stunning result. Sublimation printing on this scale is also eco-friendlier.

The quality of sublimation prints are excellent, because dot patterns aren’t visible, the prints do not fade or damage easily, and are totally odourless. These are just a few of the reasons why sublimation printing is gaining in such popularity. However, until recently, one of the limiting factors of sublimation printing was a maximum width restriction of 3.2 m. This whilst the market demands larger soft fabrics. As we were the first on the market we master several fabrics. 16 materials in 3m and 9 in 5m.

All our textiles are fire-repellent and are classified A+ even after print (no COV release). We exclusively work with resellers for retail, decoration, stand, event,… Don’t hesitate to look at our web site.

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